Transport Canada has published Flight & Duty Time Regulations in today's edition of Gazette 2 Vol 152 No. 25 - ).

Transport Canada has also provided the following note and Advisory Circulars as guidance:



The Regulations Amending the Canadian Aviation Regulations (Parts I, VI and VII — Flight Crew Member Hours of Work and Rest Periods) were published in Part II of the Canada Gazette on December 12, 2018 [].

Associated standards to Subpart 702 - Aerial Work of the Canadian Aviation Regulations can be found at

The following three Advisory Circulars have been updated to reflect this amendment; draft Issue 2 of these ACs can be found at

  • AC 700-047:  Flight Crew Fatigue Management – Prescriptive Limitations
  • AC 700-046:  Fatigue Risk Management System Requirements
  • AC 700-045:  Exemption and Safety Case Process for FRMS

 We welcome your feedback and collaboration in ongoing development of flight crew fatigue management guidance and resources.  We plan to finalize and release Issue 2 of these three ACs by the second quarter of 2019, so please send your contributions for improvement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by January 25, 2019.

 After releasing Issue 2 of these three ACs, we will continue to work with stakeholders to improve future issues.

 Furthermore, TC will continue to work with operators to develop and refine guidance material, and build common tools to support their operations. This will be led by TC’s Fatigue Risk Management System Special Advisor and in collaboration with industry through focus groups, workshops, and pilot projects. TC is also contracting out the development of small operator guidance materials and tools, to further support this group.

 To learn more about fatigue risk management in aviation, please visit our new webpage: