Mission Statement

The Northern Air Transport Association is to represent northern air carriers in the decision-making process affecting transportation in Northern Canada.


1. To promote a safe and effective Northern air transportation system.

2. To advocate Northern air transport positions.

3. To establish and maintain partnerships within the industry, governments and other interested parties. 



1. To develop and cause to be adopted positions which increase the safety of Northern air transportation and reflect the unique operating environment. 


2. To develop and cause to be adopted positions that improve the economics, quality and delivery of Northern air transportation considering the Northern environment.


3. To develop the resources and procedures to cause the positions of NATA to be adopted. Specifically to:

4. To develop a communications strategy so that NATA can make appropriate public announcements including developing:


5. To prepare an annual general meeting which addresses the interests of the membership.


6. To have members who represent a significant percentage of air passenger and cargo carriers North of 60º.